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With over 20 years of experience, our commitment to pet wellbeing is realised with a pet destination that goes beyond great products.

As cat and dog specialists, we’re championing personalised health plans and tailored nutrition, as well as offering services you can trust, from pet insurance and direct access to vets to an in-house team of qualified experts. We’re pet people through and through, and together we’re Paws.

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Our expertise, your pet.

Cosmic and Hayley just get each other

‘Hayley who?’ we hear you ask. Hayley is one of our in-house qualified experts, fantastic at what she does and always on hand to ease pawrent concerns, big and small. Question about nutrition? Health worry? Hayley’s your woman.

Repeat Order, repeat satisfaction.

Maya likes what she likes, who are we to quibble?

Based on a suggested product from her pet profile, Maya’s favourite food is delivered each month, on cue. It works for her, it works for her owner. No furious stares from this feline.

Their care, covered.

Gus lives on the edge. His pet parents? Not so much.

Some pets like living on the edge, from sniffing out suspect food to attempting daredevil jumps. Luckily for pet parents, we offer insurance and instant vet consultations, so we're on-hand to help whenever your pet gets a little too adventurous.

What we offer

360° pet wellbeing,
empowered by vets.

We’re pet people. We care about pet wellbeing and supporting pet parents above all else. Taking our combined years of experience and customer feedback, we’re making it our business to shake things up. Here are a few of our greatest achievements.

Repeat Order

Make life easier with Repeat Order. Not only will you save money, but you’ll never run out of food or forget a treatment.

In-house team

We’ve doubled the size of our veterinary and nutrition team so we can always be on hand to give you the support you need.

On-demand healthcare

Get connected to a vet in 90 seconds. No appointments, no hassle, just reassurance when you need it.

Pet insurance

With our panel of top insurance providers you can be sure to find cover that’s right for you and your pet.

Competitive prices

Whatever your budget, we have something for every pet parent.

Personalised plans

Our wellbeing service is tailored to you and your pet. Covering everything, from seasonal supplements to bespoke pet advice.

Buy food. Give food.

For every meal you buy, our initiative feeds a less fortunate cat or dog.

Great choice

Our same great range of products, but bigger and even better.

Welcome home

Meet the Paws family

We’re a pet-loving bunch who are proud to provide personalised care for our four-legged companions.

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