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Buy food, give food

You donate a nutritious meal to a dog in need with every order from Paws, at no extra cost to you.

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Meet some dogs we've fed

Tia South Coast Rescue
Ben Freshfields
Chase Freshfields
Max Freshfields
Hugo South Coast Rescue
Frida Freshfields
Will Freshfields
Cosmo Freshfields

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So far, you've fed

meals to dogs in need

At Paws, our mission is to make life brilliant for you, your pet, and for pets in need too.

We’re proud to have support for shelter dogs baked into our business model, feeding them a quality diet that sets them up for life.

As Paws grows, we have big plans to help rehome pets and prevent abandonment in the first place.

So from Cosmo and Max and Gibson and Tia and Julie and all the other dogs you’re helping...

Thanks for being part of it!

Our amazing dog shelters

Jackie - Dog foster mum Lea Valley Rescue, Essex

Bonita & Hugo Visiting South Coast, Brighton

Amy & Tia Freshfields, Liverpool

Claire & Emile Walkers Creek, Cambridgeshire

We’ve handpicked some of the most dedicated small or mid-sized shelters in the country and are happy to be supplying Canine Choice free to their dogs all year round.

These smaller shelters do incredible work rehoming hundreds of dogs every year, but are often overlooked and undersupported.

From a husband and wife duo running a rescue centre from their living room, to a heroic lady fostering dogs on a barge – Paws are delighted to support these heroes and their incredible work.

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