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To our fellow pet parents

An open letter from Paws

Written by Dr. Steph Wenban

February 18, 2019

Your dog: your best bud. Never judgey. Always way too happy to see you. And (let’s be honest) a fully paid up member of the family.

It’s nothing short of a miracle, the bond we share with these creatures.

If only it was easier to know how to do right by them.

The problem? Misinformation. It's everywhere. And it's not doing us or our pawed pals any good.

The problem? Misinformation. It's everywhere. And it's not doing us or our pawed pals any good.

The Google vortex… conflicting opinions… crummy-quality food dressed up as gourmet… leading to health worries, vet bills, that nagging “what if”. A list of stresses longer than an Irish Wolfhound’s tail.

That’s what brought us together and drives us forward here at Paws. We are vets, vet nurses, tech geeks and business types, all pet lovers through and through. Our mission? To call time on misinformation and help our fellow pet parents solve the challenges they face every day (and celebrate that awe-inspiring bond while we’re at it!).

Paws is an online retailer and community where you can trust what you see. We’re taking on misinformation and arming you with the facts, so it’s easy to make the right choices for your dog and be the best pet parent you can be.

Big claims, you say. How do we practise what we preach?

Here’s what’s been going on at Paws HQ up to now, and a hint of what’s yet to come.

The journey so far

Good dogs deserve good food

Nutrition can be make or break for your pet’s wellbeing. So that’s where we started. In June 2018, Paws.com launched: a personalised store that knows your pet, gives you expert recommendations, and automatically ships you your next bag of food right when you need it.

And as for those pups who’ve been less lucky in life? Every Paws order feeds a shelter dog. The wonderful Paws community has fed over 100,000 healthy meals to dogs at our partner shelters… and counting. We call this movement Buy Food, Give Food.

Goodbye guesswork

Paws vet Andrew was fed up with the lack of affordable high-quality dog food... so he made his own. Canine Choice was the first food available on Paws, bringing meat-first, all-natural dog food to pet parents who’d been priced out in the past. But doggy needs differ, and budgets differ too. In 2019, to help more pet parents choose good dog food, the Paws range grew. The “Paws Approved” standard of quality and transparency was born - rigorously established by vets and nutritionists. Every food you’ll find on Paws sits above this bar, and every ingredient is named. 

  • Meat first Meat must be the #1 ingredient. Only clearly identified meat will cut it. No 'animal proteins', 'poultry protein' or miscellaneous meats allowed. So you get the quality protein your dog needs to thrive, from a consistent and known source. 

  • All natural Free from artificial colours, propylene glycol (used to keep food chewy), artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Foods sold on Paws only use natural preservatives and never have added sugar.

  • Grain free or healthy grains You won't find any grain glutens of any kind here. Apart from wholesome rice, we don't have any foods with grain as a second ingredient either. Grains aren’t generally complete proteins, and unlike meat, they’re hard for our pups to digest.

  • Balanced carbs Our Nutritionists believe a balance between energy from protein, fats, and carbohydrate is important. We analyse this split to make sure there isn’t too much coming just from carbohydrates, so you know your pup is getting energy from all the right places.

  • Quality fats Fat is an important part of our dogs’ diets, but not all fats are equal! The key for us is that fat comes from a named, quality fat source like chicken fat, salmon oil or olive oil. We steer away from generic “animal fats” or “vegetable oils” where there’s no way of telling what they really contain.

Hello, hidden truths

In our UK Dog Food Transparency Report 2019, we found that 95% of big brand dog foods don't reveal their exact ingredients. Pretty bad news for pet parents who want to make an informed decision.

Enter the Paws Dog Food Checker. Our world-first traffic light system for dog food gives pet parents a new level of insight into what they’re really buying. It shows the facts you need at a glance and helps you check and compare the nutritional value (or lack of it) in different brands - like the red-amber-green symbols we’ve come to expect on human food - so you can weigh up the balance between cost and quality.

A guide for the journey

Pet parenthood is a big deal! Food label headaches...sleepless nights...poo on the carpet...that first successful "stay!"...we're all in this together.

That's why you'll find balanced intel about intel about nutrition, health and more in our online resources for pet parents. Lovingly put together by our pet experts, then crafted by folks who know people as well as pets. Easy to take in, digest, and act on.

What's coming up next?

Pet parents shouldn’t have to make decisions in the dark. We’re working towards a future where they’re informed, in control, confident. Where good honest food is accessible to all pets, whether at home with their families or waiting for their forever homes in shelters.

Nutrition is just the start. At Paws, we want it to be easy (and dare we say it… fun) to learn about pet parenting, and to make positive decisions for your pet and less fortunate pets too.

There are big problems to solve as we work to make pet parenting all love and less stress. And we might just have an idea or two. So stay tuned! 

Here’s to the journey. Team Paws

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