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With every order, you feed a shelter dog a healthy meal

Why our experts love it

Hi there, pet parents with grownups to feed!

Canine Choice Adult Large Chicken is a high-quality dry dog food. It’s tailored to meet the needs of your big pawed pal. That means: the nutrition is customised to the age and size of your breed for weight maintenance, and the kibble size helps them pace themselves.

Canine Choice is our signature dog food. Paws vet Andrew and his team of nutritionists developed the recipe from scratch to raise the bar of affordable pet nutrition. Packed with meat and veg, it’s digestible, delicious, and doesn’t break the bank.

This food meets our “Paws Approved” minimum quality standards: meat first, grain free or healthy grains, all natural, balanced carbs, healthy fats.

The recipe is 60% meat. It contains no grains at all.

Every food on Paws is lovingly chosen by our vet Andrew and his gang of experts.

  • Meat first
  • All natural
  • Grain free or healthy grains
  • Balanced carbs
  • Quality fats

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Be a hero!

Feed a dog like Nerouso Attwood

With every Paws order, you feed a dog at one of our handpicked partner shelters. This is Nerouso Attwood, a Cross Breed at Walkers Creek. Thanks to his lovable nature, Nerouso has had no trouble making friends since landing in the UK from Romania.

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