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With every order, you feed a shelter dog a healthy meal

Why our experts love it

They made it!

Yep, these tasty, grain-free dog treats were created by our very own Vet Andrew. But that’s not the only reason we love ‘em!

Made from over 85% chicken and containing carrot and chamomile, these soft, chewy bites pack a seriously healthy punch while also working to calm and soothe your pup at the same time. What’s more, they’re baked low and slow to retain as much nutritional goodness as possible.

Measuring 1-inch in width, Canine Choice Chillout Bakes make the perfect dog treat for bigger breeds. As for those smaller pups, you can easily crumble them into bite-size pieces for easy digestion.

How does it support your dog’s wellbeing?

Minimises allergic reactions

Free from grains and gluten, these are a great choice for sensitive doggy tums

Smooth digestion

The added touch of cinnamon will help to support your pup’s digestion

Self-repair & immunity

Carrot contains beta carotene, a healthy pigment that supports repair and restoration.

Every treat on Paws is lovingly chosen by our vet Andrew and his gang of experts.

  • All natural
  • Safety-checked
  • Healthy in moderation

Remember, treats are designed to be extra delicious! So please keep them below 10% of your dog’s daily calories.

Nutrition & ingredients

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Be a hero!

Feed a dog like Barbara Streisand

With every Paws order, you feed a dog at one of our handpicked partner shelters. This is Barbara Streisand, a Cross Breed at Walkers Creek. No matter what the weather, you'll find Miss Streisand outside soaking up mother nature's vibes.

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