Forthglade Cold Pressed Duck with Vegetables Grain Free


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Why our experts love it

Discerning pooches and pet parents, here’s one for you!

Forthglade Cold Pressed Duck with Vegetables Grain Free is a high quality kibble. It’s tailored to meet the nutritional needs of dogs over 2 months old, especially those with sensitive tums.

The folks at Forthglade have developed an unusual method of production, where they heat the food only gently, then press it together. They designed this process to keep the nutrients in good nick for your dog. (Some ingredients are cooked in advance to make sure they’re digestible.)

This food meets our minimum “Paws Approved” quality standards: meat first, grain free or healthy grains, all natural, balanced carbs, healthy fats.

The recipe is 32% meat. It’s a totally grain-free product.

Every food on Paws is lovingly chosen by our vet Andrew and his gang of experts.

  • Meat first
  • All natural
  • Grain free or healthy grains
  • Balanced carbs
  • Quality fats

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With every Paws order, you feed a dog at one of our handpicked partner shelters. This is Ronnie Pickering, a Lurcher at Lurcher Link. He's a social butterfly who loves being surrounded by people and pups alike.

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