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With every order, you feed a shelter dog a healthy meal

Why our experts love it

Do you love to greet your pawed pal with a rather tasty “hellooo!” moment every morning?

Lily’s Kitchen Rise & Shines Beef Baked Treats are a high quality treat for your dog. The recipe is based mainly around oats.

These bitesize flower-shaped biscuits are suitable for all dogs aged 4+ months.

Lily’s Kitchen oven-bake them, homestyle, after stirring in a few lovely extras to make your dog’s coat Kardashian-glossy.

How does it support your dog’s wellbeing?

Dental health & hygiene

These crunchy biscuits give your dog’s teeth and jaws a good workout

Self-repair & immunity

Organic rosehips are packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals in your dog. They also contain lots of vitamin C, which is great for immunity

Healthy skin & coat

Organic sunflower oil and seeds can help give your dog a glossy, salon-shiny coat. Organic turmeric and alfalfa contain micronutrients which also help contribute towards a shiny coat

Every treat on Paws is lovingly chosen by our vet Andrew and his gang of experts.

  • All natural
  • Safety-checked
  • Healthy in moderation

Remember, treats are designed to be extra delicious! So please keep them below 10% of your dog’s daily calories.

Nutrition & ingredients

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Be a hero!

Feed a dog like Crumble

With every Paws order, you feed a dog at one of our handpicked partner shelters. This is Crumble, a Cross Breed at Walkers Creek. This sweet-eyed boy's favourite snack is ham. Preferably of the smoked variety (in case you were wondering).

Still not sure?

Still not sure if Lily's Kitchen Rise & Shines Beef Baked Treats is right for your dog?

You can ask our friendly team of pet-loving experts. Send us an email at or call us on 020 3960 5112.

We’re here Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.